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vk_indies_icons's Journal

★Icons for Visual Kei indies lovers!★
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All Members , Moderated
Lj's Visual Kei Indies Icon community. Membership is now open, but read the rules before you post. Thanks!


And the secret ninja moderator: eighty

★The Rules★

Include Icons
All posts, including intro posts, should include icons. (See Intro Post Information below).

LJ cut
If you post more than 2 icons, put it behind a live journal cut. Please avoid not-funny lj-cuts refering to self-injury. How to do a lj cut: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Always credit the user that makes the icon. When you save an icon, add the users name to the file name. (blandicon_ashkestral.jpg). That way you'll always know who to credit!

No Icon requests.

Other icons?
A majority of the icons must be Visual Kei indies icons, but you can include *some* other japanese indie bands as well. If you include Major artists, anime, or random icons your post will be deleted.

Cross posting and Fake Cuts
Do not cross post to more than 3 ljs or commuities. Fake cuts are ok as long as they are labeled as such, and only lead to indies icons (not a mixture). Please make sure all the icons you post are applicable to each community, otherwise post separate posts to each one. It doesn't take that long to cut and paste your post into notepad.

Icons must be labeled, at *least* by band. (We understand if you can't read the name Kanji of a band member!) Viewers should be able to tell easily which band refers to which icon. Don't assume everyone knows who "Takumi" is and what he looks like, even if its a common band.

Community Advertisements.. read carefully!
You can advertise another community, but it must be visual kei indies related in some way. If you aren't sure, please contact a mod. There is one catch: You must post an icon to represent your community in the post!

An Introduction post is not required! This is just for fun. All questions are optional. Be creative with your answers! Questions "borrowed" from several band's profile pages :3

Name: (Nickname, don't give you your real name online!)
Blood Type: :o!
Favorite Visual Kei Indies Band(s) of the Moment:
Favorite Music otherwise:
What is one thing you wish you could have:
Where is one place you want to go:
What is one thing you'd like to do:
Tell us something special, only for this community:

Post two Icons you have made. Tell us why you chose the picture to work with and what you like most about the icons you made. (You can post more icons, but only describe 2).

Other Misc
Icons of Major artists or Jrock in general should go in jrock_icons. Feel free to link to this community.



Individual Band Communities:
Zeek: ero_ero_sagi
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